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About Emerald Coast Automated Services

Intelligent Systems Designed With You In Mind

We can handle new construction or remodeling to provide integration of intelligent systems. We collaborate with you in designing your system based upon your needs, interests, desires, and budget. The intelligent systems we can offer include lighting, heating and air conditioning, blinds and shutters, music and entertainment, intercoms, and security systems. As we assist you by designing, developing, and installing these systems to meet your specifications, we not only look at your regular daily routines but develop scenarios to make automated changes not only when you are asleep but for multiple variations such as when you are out of town, when you are entertaining, or when you have family or guests visiting. 

We know and understand your concerns about automation and our systems are designed to work even when your internet is not working and can be centrally controlled through various devices. Consumers can activate the devices and make selections from switches and controls in the home or from their computers, tablets, cellular telephones or even use the internet at their discretion. Everything is geared to the consumer’s individualized needs and personal desires. We maintain documentation for your individualized system in a project portfolio allowing you the ability to contact us for changes without the burden of being charged to collect the information regarding the system and its components. We are prepared to assist you.

One of our most popular systems is our lighting system.

The lighting system integrates beautifully with our security system. It can be minimal or as elaborate as you might desire. Substantial research and documentation support how lighting can enhance a room making it a more comfortable and luxurious environment as well as increasing the fair market value which is often in direct proportion to the investment made. We encourage using energy saving lighting devices which have a high rate of return on energy savings after the initial investment is made. With lights strategically placed, the area can be, at your discretion, programmed with varied light patterns including specific color patterns that enhance the beauty of the room when entered. Placing devices that sense the presence of a person in the room allows those devices to function in a dual capacity. The same device that senses the presence of persons in the room can be used for other components of the system including but not limited to heating, cooling, and security components.

Lighting in the kitchen area demonstrates the flexibility of the product making possible the ability to change the normal lighting which was created to establish an ambiance to one for a specific function. The persons, who most frequently do the cooking, are enamored with the convenience and beauty. With the touch on a button the consumer can rotate between what we term as “scenes”. Our most popular scenes include scenes that might be titled “Preparation”; “Dining”, and “Clean up”. What that means is after the lights have turned on with the touch of a button the consumer can change from the normal lighting scene to lighting for preparation of a meal. When you are preparing a meal you need light over the countertops for cutting; near the sink for washing fruits and vegetables; and above the stove as you sauté and prepare the food. After food is prepared, there is no need to change all the lights or have your food preparation area glaring in the background as you dine. With the touch of a button, you can change the scene to “Dining” and the lights can be dimed or turning off in the kitchen area and lights turned on in the dining area establishing the consumer’s desired ambiance. When everyone is done eating there is no need to turn off multiple lights or use multiple remotes. With the touch of a button the scene can be changed to “Clean Up”. In a clean-up scene the dining lights are turned off or dimmed and brighter lights are employed over the sink, stove, counter tops, cabinets, and along the floor so that clean-up is faster and easier.

Walk into a closet, your bedroom, or the bathroom and the lights can be programmed to provide you visibility at the level you desire. At night the touch of one button puts the system into a night mode. After you retire for the evening, if you put your feet on the floor ambient light can be programmed to turn on so that you can use the restroom without awakening anyone else in the bedroom. This feature enhances safety for elderly or disabled family members as there is no fumbling for lights and you have control to adjust the amount and location of the lights assuring the elderly or disabled can safely use the restroom. The night mode is communicated throughout the home as you may desire providing ambient light in other areas such as spare bathrooms, stairs, or the kitchen.

A smart system would turn off the lights while you are not in the building but an intelligent system offers you much more. For instance, if you are going out of town on a trip an intelligent system learns your patterns for a three-week period prior to you leaving and can repeat a similar pattern while you are away warding off potential thieves.

Comfort is maximized with our heating and air conditioning systems just as security is provided with an individualized automated security system.

With sensors placed in several locations in each room, the room’s temperature can be adjusted to maintain a constant temperature. The heating and cooling can be incorporated with altering the blinds. When you are not present the blinds, based upon the actual sunrise and sunset of your exact geographic location, as well as the temperature of the home or building, adjusts the height of the blinds. By making these adjustments warmth is brought into the building by raising the blinds during the winter months and the building is cooled by lowering the blinds in the warmer summer month thereby conserving energy and reducing your energy consumption needs. The blinds are designed to interact with the security system raising the blinds when a security alarm is triggered. Prior to returning to your home or office, an intelligent system increases or decreases the temperature to a level comfortable for you. If you chose to arrive early by remotely alerting the system prior to your arrival the system adjusts the temperature to the optimal temperature for you.

Just as there are levels of control and savings available through the heating and air conditioning systems, there are equally valuable savings available to those who use our security features. The monthly charges incurred with other security systems are transformed by our systems into minimal charges for occasional adjustments or enhancements with you in control. Our entrance control system provides the consumer the ability to control access using customized devices. Based upon the device selected entrance control can assure that there are no entries to the premises without explicit permission. Service personnel can be granted access during specified times and if they arrive late they may be required to seek authorization for access alerting you to their actual hours of work and their commitment to providing the service they contracted to provide. Parents appreciate being alerted when their children decide to violate rules which can be programmed to trigger the system alerting you of departure or late returns. Intruders not only set off an extensive alarm system that alerts the owner whether they are in the home or building but enhances your safety, lighting an exit path away from you, the consumer. The security system can activate your pre-programmed message giving an appropriate warning that you alone select. The programmed message can either instruct the intruder not only to leave but how to exit or convey your own specific message you believe to be appropriate for your circumstances. Not only can you accomplish getting unwanted intruders to depart but our system provides flexibility in monitoring persons seeking to gain entrance.  If you select an intercom system at the entrance you can communicate directly with the guest or person at your entrance. Using the intercom to communicate with guests and delivery persons enhances your safety giving you the ability to communicate from within your home or remotely using a tablet or cellular telephone at another location. If the home owner wishes he or she can permit the parcel delivery person access by raising and lowering a garage door so a package can be delivered and safely stored while the homeowner is at the office or even in another country.

Let us be the master of making your music and entertainment systems operate “intelligently” with your home or office.

Multiple systems require multiple remotes and devices resulting in a consumer having to remember which device controls which system and keeping them organized so to operate the correct device to accomplish a task. Let us help you be the master and have an “intelligent” system that is integrated, convenient, automated, and customized to how you want your system to work.

For instance, when the consumer enters the living room, based upon his or her programming selections, he or she will not only have preset patterns to engage various devices such as music, television, or other features such as a light next to his or her recliner but the ability to change the scenes. With the click of a button the scene can be changed to other preset scenarios such as “family”, “company”, “party”, or “romantic” making the necessary adjustments to lighting, music, or other devises in the room altering the amenities.

We value integration and convenience because it is important to our consumers. We consult with the consumer who controls the selections of which systems he or she desires; what devices they choose to utilize in controlling their systems; what are appropriate scenes for their life style; and, even the name he or she selects for the various scenes from “mother-in-law visiting” to “boy’s night”. Control is best supplemented with the consumer being alerted to unanticipated changes in the system.  The consumer is notified with our smoke detector that there is a fire but it has greater advantages to the consumer who it alerts to a low battery and even tells the consumer which device has the low battery.  An integrated system like we can offer allows with the touch of one button when you leave home, to turn off the lights; to turn off the music; and, to turn on the alarm system. Using sophisticated programming we can create not only patterns and scenes for your typical day-to-day habits and life style but can also create scenes for the many other situations such as having an elderly person in your home who wants a different temperature in their bedroom and bathroom while at the same time conserving energy and giving everyone a higher level of comfort. Our systems are most easily summarized in the phrase “your imagination is the limit!!!!”